RESEARCH puts the data set of whole building projects at your fingertips.  It allow you to investigate the AIA 2030 Commitment Data set for whole buildings utilizing a number of filters to visualize the results in the scatter plot.    You can “slice and dice” the data set in different ways using multi-faceted queries, and review the results in the summary table.  In addition, your portfolio projects are highlighted in the scatter plot, so that you can see where your projects are within the landscape of the data set you are working with and how they compare to projects of a similar type.


A short video introducing “the basics” for RESEARCH




Workspace Layout

When you first arrive at RESEARCH, you will see:

  • Project Counter: a counter on the upper right displaying the number of active projects displayed in the scatter plot and the overall number of whole building projects in the data set
  • Scatter plot: the overall data set displayed in the scatter plot
  • Filters:  A set of filters on the left side
  • Data Set Summary Table:  a set of metrics based on the filtered data set you are working with.

Project Counter

The counter displays two numbers.  The first number (green) is the number of whole building projects in your current data set.  As you make filter selections you will see this number increase and decrease.  The second number (blue) is the number of whole building projects in the AIA 2030 DDx that contain values for at least one of the filters.


Data Privacy

 The data privacy measures that are incorporated into the AIA 2030 DDx RESEARCH include:

  • You can only see your firm's projects highlighted (displayed in light blue and purple) when you are logged into your firm's account.
  • When a user makes filter selections and the building count for the filtered data set goes below 10, the scatter plot will not display the results.
  • No Project Names or Project IDs are displayed associated with individual projects
  • Within the scatter plot, when you hover on a project that IS NOT in your firm’s portfolio, only the GSF, pEUI, and % pEUI Reduction are displayed. 
  • Only the scatter plot image can be exported and not the overall data set