Getting Started in the AIA 2030 DDx

In a few steps you can be reporting your firm's projects on the AIA 2030 DDx!  This is just the beginning of what you will be able to do…


Step 1:  Assemble Project Information


Projects can be saved initially with minimal information (Project Name, Project ID, Project Phase, State, Zip Code, Use Type, Use Type GSF and Status of Energy Model).  These fields are initially required because they are the ones involved in calculating the initial metrics displayed at the top of the General Inputs screen.   


To submit a project additional input fields are required.  These are the fields marked with an “*” in Section 1 and Section 2 on the General Inputs screen.  A list is provided on the AIA 2030 Commitment page.


Step 2:  Select ADD on the Portfolio Screen or >Advance


Your first stop is the Portfolio screen, which is where the portfolio of your projects is displayed.  To start a new project just select the ADD icon.  You will be taken to the General Inputs screen, and default Project ID number has been associated with the project.  The project will not be part of your project until it is saved.


If you already have projects that have been imported or that were from a previous reporting year, select the project check box, and then select >Advance.  You’ll be taken to the General Inputs screen, the project data will be promoted to the next reporting year.  Saving the project will create a second project view for the project.  See >Advance for additional detail.



Step 3:  Complete General Inputs Section 1 and Section 2

As mentioned in Step 1 these two sections contain all the AIA 2030 Commitment required fields (*) for Submitting a project.  This is the only screen that you need to input project information on to satisfy the 2030 Commitment minimum input requirements!  However, you don't have to stop there, you could add more detail to the project inputs, see Optional Steps.   



  • Select Project Category (the selection changes the input fields presented)
  • Select Country (if other than US, International City Field will appear instead of zip code)
  • Select Use Type(s)
  • Select "Status of Energy Model" (selection dictates what fields are shown)
  • Select "Design Energy Code" (if "Status of Energy Model" = Will Not Be Modelled or
  • Will be Modeled (EUI NOT Established), then the selection determines what appears in Predicted field)
  • Select "Define Baseline" Option



Step 4:  Select Save and Make Sure Project Saved successfully

Sounds simple, but you need to do it.  You will be reminded when you try and leave a screen, but a good best practice is to “SAVE” regularly.  It is an important step because it not only saves the input information, but it updates the calculations and the values that appear in the Metrics Bar.


If you don’t see “Project Saved Successfully” appear on the top of the screen in a green background (it appears for a few seconds) or the “Project Not Saved Successfully” appear at the top in a red background, then review Section 1 and 2 to see if “can’t be blank” is appearing in red below any of the input fields.  


Also, if you are leaving the screen and you get a message asking you to confirm you want to leave the page, you should select “Stay on Page” and review the required fields again.



Step 5:  Submit the Project

Once you have completed the input fields for a project, all you have left to do is submit it.  You can do this by selecting the project check box on the portfolio screen (multiple projects can be submitted at the same time), and then selecting > Submit. 


You’ll receive a confirmation message to proceed, and then when you do you’ll receive a message whether it was successful or there were still required fields missing.  Another way to check is to look at the “Reporting Status” and “Reporting” columns for the project row on the Portfolio.

  • Reporting Status = Submitted
  • Reporting = data, project phase, and what firm user submitted the project


You're Done!  You’ve successfully set up and submitted a project on the AIA 2030 DDx!