AIA 2030 DDx Recent Updates
September 2018 - A summary of recent updates to the DDx 

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Zero Tool  
To maintain the ability to calculate a Baseline EUI for projects using CBECS 2003, which is the basis for the Architecture 2030 Challenge, Zero Tool has added as the primary baseline calculation tool.  See About Zero Tool for additional information.  

Parking use type added 
Up to three types of parking can now be associated with projects as a secondary use type to enable more complete energy consumption documentation for projects. 

Energy modeling tool additions 
EnergyPlus Ladybug Tools and Cove.tool have been added to the energy modeling tool options.

Measured energy use phase coming soon.....
Projects will be able to import or input measured energy use and associate it with the project to enable the ability to compare to design energy performance at the final design stage as well as earlier stages.