AIA 2030 Sustainability Action Plan

2030 Mission Statement 

The mission of The AIA 2030 Commitment is to transform the practice of architecture in a way that is holistic, firm-wide, project-based and data-driven, so that the AIA and the participating firms can prioritize energy performance and carbon reductions in the design toward carbon neutral buildings, developments and major renovations by 2030.

What is a Sustainability Action Plan?

At its core, an SAP is a statement of your firm’s approach to sustainable design.. It provides an opportunity to think through — strategically and methodically — how to translate your sustainability values and aspirations into a comprehensive approach for transforming your practice and portfolio.

Specifically, your SAP serves as:
   1.  An actionable, firmwide strategy for developing sustainable design best practices.
   2.  A measurement framework with a continual focus on evaluation, adaptation, and improvement.
   3.  A long-term planning tool to ensure ongoing alignment of values, goals, and practice.
   4.  An information-sharing platform that enables you to communicate your firm’s value to your clients and peers.


   1.  AIA 2030 Commitment Mentorship Program. Request a mentor (if interested).  Mentorship Form 

   2.  Review examples of SAP documents from other firms.  SAP Examples 


Engage your Firm:

   1.  Hold an initial all-staff brainstorm, workshop, or survey covering:

  • Best Practices Review
    • What are our peers and competitors doing that we can emulate or improve upon?)
  • Firm Values and Goals
    • How do we understand sustainability and our firm’s areas of impact?
    • How does our practice/firm mission relate to the 2030 Commitment?
  • Design Process
    • What is our current process?
    • What do we want our process to be?
  • Design Standards
    • What do we want our buildings to be/do?
  • Structure
    • How is sustainability currently approached/structured in our firm?
  • Challenges:
    • What challenges do you face in implementing goals/actions?
    • How do you currently respond? How might you best respond in the future?


Create your Sustainability Action Plan:

Recommended Framework

   1.  Firm Commitment (summary of firm philosophy as it relates to  sustainability objectives)

  • How do you/will you relate sustainability to your overall firm goals?
    • How do people know? (message/strategy/culture)
    • What are your biggest successes? What’s working?
    • How are you measuring success?
  • The following five topics should each include discussion of your current practice, areas for action, and 1-5 year goals.

   2.  Design & Approach (this includes design-phase analysis, OPR/goal-setting + BOD)

  • How have you integrated the 2030 Commitment across your firm?
  • How are you integrating energy modeling into your design process?
  • What green certifications are common practice in your firm, and how do certified projects contribute to 2030 goals?

   3.  Evaluation & Reporting (this includes pEUI reporting, utility data collection and POE)

  • What is your current portfolio pEUI and/or LPD and how do they compare to current 2030 goals?
  • What are your goals/targets for incremental improvement?
  • How do you handle project evaluation and 2030 reporting?
  • What approaches are you using to reach your energy targets?

   4.  Outreach & Advocacy (like BCA, this is “external” knowledge sharing)

  • How do you communicate your strategies to your clients?
  • How do you contribute to the sustainable design community?

   5.  Training & Education (...and “internal” knowledge sharing)

  • How do you support staff growth in sustainable design disciplines?

   6.  Operations & Outlook

  • Evaluate your firm’s carbon footprint (resource links)
  • Identify ways to reduce your firm’s footprint or increase its handprint


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