The scatter plot is an interactive graph that allows you to explore your own firm's portfolio and the overall data set in interesting ways.  Each dot in the scatter plot represents a project.  You will most likely see dots in four different colors, which are defined in the legend at the bottom of the scatter plot. 

  • Blue = 2030 Commitment Data set Modeled
  • Gray = 2030 Commitment Data set NOT Modeled
  • Light Blue = Your Firm’s Projects that are Modeled
  • Purple = Your Firm’s Projects that are NOT Modeled

The different sets of projects can be turned on or off by selecting them directly in the legend.  On the upper right is a counter which displays the number of buildings within the data set based on your filter selections (the number on the left), and the overall number of projects within the data set (number on the right).  As you make filter selections the number on the left will update.

X- Axis Default = Gross Square Feet [sf]
Y- Axis Default = pEUI (predicted energy use intensity) [kBtu/sf/yr]
Note:  See Changing Y-Axis under new features


You can change the scatter plot display in a few ways:

  1. Make a Filter Selection: after a selection is made or a min/max defined the scatter plot will update automatically.
  2. Change the Y-axis:  view the % pEUI Reduction for the data set versus the pEUI.
  3. Zoom, Zoom, Zoom:  draw a selection window in the scatter plot to zoom into a view in the data set.  Note that the counter will not update to this “zoomed in selection”, and you can select the button on the upper right to get back to the previous view.
  4. Select Project Types in the Legend:  selecting a project type in the legend will hide or show that project type on the scatter plot.

A short video introducing “Zoom Feature” within the scatter plot


Project Information

In the scatter plot each dot represents a project.  You can only see your firm's projects highlighted in different colors (displayed in light blue for modeled and purple for not modeled) when you are logged into your firm's account. Another security measure is that when a user makes filter selections and the building count goes below 10, the scatter plot will not display the results.

Within the scatter plot, when a user hovers on a project that IS NOT in their firm’s portfolio, they will only see the shared field information, which is the GSF and pEUI.  No project numbers or names are displayed. 

When a user hovers on a project that IS in their firm’s portfolio, they will see the following information displayed:

  • Project Hyperlink

  • Project Name

  • Project ID

  • Project Location

  • Project Phase

  • pEUI 

  • % pEUI Reduction

  • Gross Floor Area (sf)