1: DDx Interface

The DDx interface allows for direct input on a project-by-project basis. Reporting projects in the DDx takes just a few steps. Here’s a brief overview to get started: 

Step 1: Select the “+” icon or Inputs tab from the Portfolio Screen or >Advance for existing submitted projects

In the DDx, the first stop is the Portfolio screen, which lists projects. To start a new project, select the “+” icon (). This leads to the General Inputs screen, and a default Project ID number will be generated for the project. The project must be saved to add it to the portfolio.


If projects have been imported or are from a previous reporting year, select the project check box, and then select >Advance. This promotes the project data to the next reporting year on the General Inputs screen. Saving the project will create a second project view for the project. See Advance for additional detail. Note that only administrators can advance projects. 


Step 2:  Complete General Inputs

This section contains all the AIA 2030 Commitment required fields (marked with an *) for submitting a project. This is the only information needed to satisfy the 2030 Commitment minimum input requirements, but there is the option to add more detailed project inputs in this tab. 


  • A full list of project inputs and descriptions are listed here

Step 3:  Select Save and Make Sure Project Saved Successfully

A simple but critical step, selecting “SAVE” regularly is a best practice, though there are reminders when users attempt to leave a screen. “SAVE” not only saves the input information, but it updates the calculations and the values that appear in the Metrics Bar.


If “Project Saved Successfully” does not appear on the top of the screen in a green background (it appears for a few seconds) or if the “Project Not Saved Successfully” appears at the top in a red background, then review Sections 1 and 2 for “can’t be blank” appearing in red below any of the input fields. 

Step 4:  Submit the Project

Once the input fields have been completed for a project, the final step is submission. Individual projects may be submitted any time throughout the year. Simply select the project check box on the Portfolio screen (multiple projects can be submitted at the same time), and then select > Submit. Note that only administrators can submit projects. 


A message will appear confirming intent to proceed. After submitting, another message will indicate whether it was successful or there were still required fields missing. This can also be confirmed by reviewing the “Reporting Status” or “Reporting Details” columns for the project row on the Portfolio.


  • Reporting Status = Submitted.

  • Reporting Details = Data, project phase, and what firm user submitted the project.


5. Submit an annual portfolio

Once a year (by March 31 for the previous year’s data) we ask that each firm “submits the portfolio” by selecting “> Submit Portfolio” on the Portfolio screen. This action signals to AIA that a firm has completed its project tracking for the year, and enables AIA to include the firm’s name in the lists of participants in the annual report and in the updated 2030 directory. Note that only administrators can submit the annual portfolio.