Navigating the Inputs screen

The Inputs screen includes several key areas for entering project data for any project: 

  • Project View 

  • Metrics Bar

  • Inputs Tabs (General Inputs, Building Envelope, HVAC Systems)


We’ll go over the common workspace features and inputs below. This video also provides an overview of inputting the data to create and submit a project.

Project View 

  • Project Phase: The current reporting year and design phase of the design project. Once a project has been submitted, phase by phase performance can be viewed by selecting the “Performance” button. 


Metrics Bar

Displays the high-level metrics for a project. Note: If the project's "Energy Model Status" is either “Will NOT be Modeled,” or “Will be Modeled, with the “Has the project established an EUI yet?” checkbox remaining unchecked, then the PREDICTED field will not be active, and display “Not Determined”.