2: Importing from Internal Firm Databases (Batch Import)

Firms with internal project databases can use a XLS or CSV format template of the DDx fields to translate their project data into the DDx. Note that only administrators can access the template or import projects using Batch Import.


The Batch Import template and guidance can be found on the “My Account” screen under the Batch Import Logs. Clicking > Batch Import leads to the Batch Import screen, where the template can be downloaded and then modified and uploaded. In addition, the reporting year can be selected (current year is the default), and notes can be associated with the import. 


Batch Import is a two-step process. 

  1. The first step is a data validation check on the projects in the import file; the Data Validation Report displays any errors and/or warnings. Errors are required to be resolved before the second step of importing the data can successfully be completed. Resolving the warnings is optional, although addressing them is recommended because it results in more accurate data to analyze across the firm portfolio and beyond to the program portfolio.


  1. After any errors are addressed and a decision is made whether to address the warnings or to ignore them, the projects can then be imported into a firm's portfolio. A summary table is provided at the end of the process to confirm the number of projects that were successfully imported. 


The final step is to submit all projects from the Portfolio screen and, once a year, “Submit Portfolio”.


For additional information, please see the Batch Import Guide.