My Account    

The “My Account” page can be accessed from the top right corner of the DDx pages. The “My Account” page is where basic information about individual and firm accounts can be viewed and edited. Note that only administrators can view and edit certain firm information, while other information is accessible to users and viewers. Administrators can also add additional people to the firm account on the “My Account” page. 

My Account Sections

  1. User Information

  2. Firm Profile

  3. 2030 Commitment Letter

  4. 2030 Commitment Signatory

  5. Sustainability Action Plan

  6. Office Locations

  7. Firm Users

  8. Reporting Year Log

  9. Batch Import Log

  10. API Request Log

  1. User Information

All users can edit their user information.

  • Basic Contact Information: Name, e-mail, phone.
  • Password: User-selected password.
  • Unique User Key: This is used for importing from energy models, and must be generated by the administrator.
  1. Firm Profile

Only administrators can add or edit Firm Profile information.


  • Firm Name: The Firm Name associated with the individual account.

  • Firm ID: The unique Firm ID that was assigned to the firm when it was set up in the DDx. The Firm ID is not editable. This firm ID is required if using the API connection from a modeling tool.

  • Firm Type: A drop-down list of selections to identify the type of firm that is reporting, such as Architecture-multi-disciplinary, Design-Build, Planning+Architecture, or any of the other options.

  • Firm Staff Size: A drop-down list of firm sizes ranging from 1 to 1,000+. The size displayed is either the size selected when the account was set up or the size selected by a firm administrator.

  • Main Phone: The main phone number for the firm.

  • Website: The URL for the firm's main website.


  • Primary Firm Contact:


  • Name: The name of the individual that is the primary contact for the firm’s AIA 2030 Commitment account with the AIA. If there are any questions regarding the firm account and/or portfolio or project data, the AIA will contact the Firm 2030 Commitment Administrator first. The name displayed is either the one included when the account was set up or the name provided by a firm administrator. 
  • E-mail: The e-mail address for the Firm 2030 Commitment Administrator that has been provided by an administrator for the firm. E-mail will be the primary form of contact from AIA to the Firm 2030 Commitment Administrator. The e-mail can be changed by a firm administrator. 
  • Direct Phone: The main phone number for the primary contact.
  • Other Firm Information

    • Year Firm Signed on to the AIA 2030 Commitment: The calendar year (four digits) that the firm signed the AIA 2030 Commitment and submitted the required information to the AIA. 


  • What year was the firm founded?: The calendar year (four digits) that the firm was founded.


  • Does your firm have a sustainability officer in a leadership position?: A Yes/No selection to indicate if the firm has established a leadership position directly related to sustainability.


  • Does the firm have staff spending more than 50% of their time on sustainability issues?: A Yes/No selection to indicate if the firm has designated staff that actively work on sustainability for the firm.


  • Does your firm have dedicated research staff?: A Yes/No selection to indicate if the firm has research staff that research sustainability for the firm.

  1. 2030 Commitment Letter

Only administrators can add or edit the 2030 Commitment letter.


Signatory firms to the AIA 2030 Commitment are required to submit a 2030 Commitment letter. The template for the letter can be downloaded by selecting "Download". Once the firm’s letter has been completed, it can be associated with the firm account by selecting "Choose Files" and locating and selecting the file (PDF format only). 

  1. 2030 Commitment Signatory

Only administrators can add or edit 2030 Commitment signatories.


  • Name: The names (first and last) of the signatories for the firm that signed the AIA 2030 Commitment agreement. While the names can be changed by a firm administrator, they really shouldn’t change from when the firm set up their account.


  • E-mail: The e-mail address for the firm signatories. The signatories will not be contacted directly unless all the other firm administrators could not be contacted.

  1. Sustainability Action Plan

Only administrators can add or edit the Sustainability Action Plan.


The 2030 Commitment framework also includes creating a Sustainability Action Plan (SAP) within six months of signing the commitment letter. SAPs establish a long-term firm-wide strategy that promotes the 2030 Commitment goals and other best practices in sustainable design. Multiple SAP files can be uploaded and it is recommended the SAP gets updated once every 3 years.


Further guidance can be found here in these help pages. 


Once complete, administrators can upload the Sustainability Action Plan (PDF format only) by selecting the "Choose Files" button. 

  1. Office Locations

Only administrators can add or edit Office Locations.


This is the set of office locations for the firm. At a minimum, one office location is required to be listed. 

Each project is related to one of the office locations. “Portfolio” and “Reports” can be filtered by office location providing powerful insights and comparisons. Only administrators can modify or add office locations.


  • Country: The country where the office is located. The default is the United States of America, with a country list available on the drop-down selection.


  • City: The name of the city where the office is located. This field is directly tied to the General Inputs "Office Location" field. (See the DELETE description above).

    Note: This field is what is displayed in the “Office Location” input field on the General Inputs screen. Additional text can be added to the city name, if the firm would like to include different departments for the same office—for example, if the firm wants to report separately for “Denver-Interior” and “Denver-Education”.


  • State/Province: The state or province where the office is located. Depending on the country selected this field will be displayed as either a drop-down list or a manual entry field. Currently the following countries have drop-down lists of states or provinces associated with them:

    • United States of America

    • Canada

    • China (including Hong Kong)

    • India 

When other countries are selected this field becomes a manual entry field. 


  • Zip Code: The five digit zip code for the office location. For US office locations this is a required field. For other country locations this field is not required.

  1. Firm Users

Only administrators can add or edit Firm Users.


This is the set of firm users for the firm that are currently associated with the firm account. At a minimum, one firm user (the administrator) will be associated with the firm account when it is set up). Firm administrators can add and delete firm users and change the user types.

  • Name: A required field for the name (first and last) of the firm user.


  • User Type: A required field for the selection of administrator, user or viewer determines the degree of access the user will have. Administrators can edit any screen (firm account, portfolio and project screens) and submit projects for the reporting year. Users can edit portfolio and project information screens. Viewers can view project information only. See User Types in the Help information for additional information.


  • E-mail: A required field for the user’s e-mail address. This is the e-mail address to which the “invitation to the AIA 2030 DDx” e-mail with initial access credentials (username and password) will be sent, once the new user information has been saved. The firm administrator (primary contact) will be cc'd on the new user “invitation to the AIA 2030 DDx” e-mail. This information can be edited by a firm administrator. 


  • Phone: The phone number for the user. The information can be edited by a firm administrator.


  • User key: Unique user key that can be generated by any administrator. This key is if importing data from an energy modeling tool via the API.

  1. Reporting Year Log

Only administrators can submit the portfolio.


This maintains a log of the years a firm has submitted a portfolio. Only after a firm has submitted the portfolio will a reporting year appear on the log. If a firm submits projects, those projects are added to the overall database, but they are not recognized on this reporting year log unless the entire portfolio is submitted. The reporting years are how AIA recognizes which firms are actively participating in the 2030 Commitment. The database is intended to be live and flexible so even after a portfolio is “submitted” changes can be made to projects. 

  1. Batch Import Log

Only administrators can access the Batch Import feature. 


The batch import log tracks the batch import activities for the firm. Batch Import is comprised of two steps - 1) Validate Data; 2) Import Data. The Batch Import screen is displayed when ">Batch Import" is selected. 

  1. API Request Logs

Administrators, Users, and Viewers can view the API Request Log.


After a user submits a project to the DDx via the API, and a Project ID and Reporting Year are generated, a log entry is posted in the API Request Log.